The Sponsor, ARA Real Estate Investors 23 Pte. Ltd., is an indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of ARA Asset Management Limited (ARA, or ARA Group), a leading APAC real assets fund manager with a global reach. With S$88 billion1 in gross assets under management as at 31 December 2019, ARA manages listed and unlisted real estate investment trusts and private real estate and infrastructure funds in 28 countries. As part of its investor-operator philosophy, ARA also operates a real estate management services division with local teams to manage its assets worldwide.

Besides ARA US Hospitality Trust, ARA Group directly manages these five listed real estate investment trusts:

And indirectly manages listed real estate investment trusts in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Australia through associate companies.

Driven by a vision to be the best-in-class real assets fund management company, ARA Group and its associates’ businesses include:

  • REITs - ARA is one of the largest REIT managers in Asia Pacific. The Group directly manages Fortune REIT, dual-listed in Singapore and Hong Kong; ARA US Hospitality Trust, Suntec REIT and Cache Logistics Trust, listed in Singapore; and Hui Xian REIT and Prosperity REIT, listed in Hong Kong. It also indirectly manages REITs in Japan, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia through its associate companies.
  • Private real estate funds - The Group manages private funds providing investment opportunities in diverse real estate sectors and geographies that cater to different investor risk appetites.
  • Country desks - ARA operates country desks in China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Europe and the United States. The country desks employ a strong understanding of each local market to facilitate the flow of inbound and outbound capital and cross-country collaborations. ARA has an expanded presence in Japan via its strategic stake in Kenedix, Inc. and in Europe via its strategic stake in Cromwell Property Group.
  • Infrastructure - ARA Infrastructure was established in 2018 to cater to strong investor demand for global infrastructure investment.
  • Real estate management services - As part of the Group's investor-operator philosophy, its dedicated property management teams actively work the ground to manage its assets globally.

ARA’s multi-platform, multi-product global fund management strategy, combined with its dedicated teams with in-depth local knowledge, enables the Group to offer enduring value to investors. Built on a foundation of strong corporate governance and business integrity, ARA counts some of the world’s largest pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, endowments and family offices as its investors.


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  1. Includes assets under management by ARA Group and its associates as at 31 December 2019.